Monday, June 8, 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

What an awesome year it's been for the Mickster! He was so blessed to have an incredible, patient, loving teacher. Not only did she make this year so much fun, she helped to mold him into a life-long learner. He learned so much and just loved every minute of it. He's reading and, he loves to write! He's working on a chapter book right now. ;)

We think she's awesome! And as does everyone else at our school...she was named Teacher of the Year! But not only was Mrs. B his teacher, she became a great friend, supporter and walker on our Haynes Phamily team. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for an absolutely fabulous year! We love you, Mrs. B!

First and last day of Kindergarten

Graduation and the Mickster with his girl

Kinder Rodeo

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Lauren said...

Great teachers are awesome! Is that the girl from the letter? So adorable!


Kelly said...

Having an awesome teacher when they're in K makes a world of difference!! What to go Mickster, and his girl...oh my!!!

littlewonders said...

You've gotta stop calling them mutts...your kids are beautiful!! So glad he had a great teacher, hope he gets a good one next year too!