Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marking Their Territories

People often laugh when they hear me affectionately refer to my kids as mutts. Well...they are half-breds after all. LOL They yap nonstop. They love to eat meat off the bone. They like to sit in our laps. They love to go for walks and rides. They would rather be outside running around, chasing each other than being stuck inside. You get the idea.

Well, they added another item to the above list...marking their territories. While Round Eye was in the shower this morning, the mutts had an altercation over a wooden block. Next thing I know, the Mickster wrote the following on HIS bedroom door and the Pink Princess started to write her name on HER door. "No btey (body) in my room" and "L". While his spelling is quite impressive...and I'm sure the Pink Princess' would have been as well had I not stopped her after the first letter...I was not impressed with this marking...with a marker no less.

Hmmm...they spent some time with their noses to the wall with hands behind their backs...too bad we don't have kennels! LOL Oh my!

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littlewonders said...

Happy Pants "painted" her finger and toenails last week with a black marker. Little stinker = no more marker in room!