Sunday, February 24, 2008

February 24 - First Birthday Invite

Today, the Pink Princess received her very first birthday invite just for her and not her bubby as well. It's a ballet party at a local dance studio owned by a former parent of mine. (I taught her daughter 10 years ago. YIKES!) The Pink Princess will absolutely love it...leotards, tutus, bows...big bows! We may have to enroll her for ballet after this party...she already has the prerequisite from practicing with the Little Einsteins. Isn't this invitation the cutest?

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Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Oh, she's going to be "a goner" after that party. Tulle, pink silk and ribbons. She's going to LOVE that.

How fun!

Jennefer said...

Oh! It's stuff like that that makes my heart pitter-patter for a little girl! :)

Hope she has fun.

karinco said...

Oh, I remember Meek's first birthday invite and I'm sure I was more excited than she was! hehehe
I even remember being angry at her for something or another but I couldn't punish her because it would have hurt me more than her for her to miss the party.

what a cute idea for a party!

littlewonders said...

What a cute invitation! I love it! Hope she has fun at the party.

Posting pictures in shorts, meany!!