Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sunny Side Exposed

After her nightly bath, the Pink Princess will throw off her hooded towel and run around out the living room naked until we catch up with her and pin her down to clothe her. Since I rearranged her bedroom a bit to accommodate her new Rose Petal Cottage and appliances, tonight after her bath, the Pink Princess ran straight to her room and starts cooking up a storm...all in the buff! LOL 15/366


RGnEsMom said...

Absolutely, positively adorable! My kids run around nekked too...for some reason, they find it hilarious.


Kel said...

That is just too precious J-bug. Look at her cooking in the buff, tell her to watch those burners. ow!!

Carissa said...

Love it! She is too freaking cute!!!

Alex & Adrian's Mommy said...

LG Can I have a sunny side up please? She is adorable & I love her ittle kitchen. Can Adrian come over & play.

Love you


Alex & Adrian's Mommy

littlewonders said...

She is so cute! I love that she's scrambling eggs half dressed! Just wait until she's a teenager!


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

I know the perfect companion who will love and appreciate her total nudity.

She and Trouble are going to get along just perfectly.


girlyhurley said...

Too cute!!! Definitely one of those pictures to use later in life to embarass her with!


karinco said...

What is it with these kiddos and not wanting clothes on? Meek does this and then complains that she is cold. Well duh! lol
Your little one is adorable!


"Raising" is a Southern term. said...

Oh my goodness! She *is* a princess. Just adorable.


nancypants said...

Too funny! LOL My two year old boy likes to streak through the house whenever possible as well. And I'll tell ya what, if I didn't keep it from happening my six year old would do it too! ((insert eye roll))