Thursday, January 17, 2008

Outfits Galore

Round Eye is the most self-sufficient man I know. He cooks, he cleans, he does laundry and irons, and he can take care of the kids without missing a beat. But, to make it easier on him since I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a girls' weekend getaway, I have set out a few select outfits on the Pink Princess' dresser for him. From her bow down to her toes...she's covered and so is he. Life can't get any easier than that, wouldn't you say? Now the Mickster, he's on his own. LOL 17/366


littlewonders said...

You are so funny...and organized! I think its fair to say the Pink Princess has one more pair of shoes than Happy Pants does! Or two, or three.

Thankfully Sports Guy can not only dress the Little Wonders, but does so in style. You should see the picture I posted!

karinco said...

hahaha! Oh man, I certainly bow down to you my friend. I thought I was anal about dressing my little princess but you take the crown! These days when Mike watches Meek I'm just happy to see her out of pjs! lol