Monday, February 9, 2009

A Sister for the Pink Princess

A funny happened last night... It was around midnight and I was taking a hot bath when suddenly my door opened. In came the Pink Princess. She opened her eyes then closed it quicky. She walked to the toilet, used the potty, wiped, flushed all the while with her eyes closed. She walked out and said, "Have a good baf, momma."

Isn't she funny? Tell me her eyes were closed because of the bright light and because she was half asleep and not because she didn't want to see me naked??? LOL

Tonight while I was putting her to bed, she was playing with her fingers and counting them. Then she decided to name all the people in our family. Here's her recount of our family members...

"Mimi, she's my gwenma. Righ, Momma?"
"Yes, she is, Woogie."

"Daddy. His name is *****? Righ, Momma?"
"Yes, his name is *****, Woogie."

"Joe. He's my gwenpa. Righ, Momma? And Papa in Heaben too?"
"Yes, they are, Woogie."

"Bubby. He's my budder. Righ, Momma? And I haf a sisser too."
"You do, Woogie?"

"Yes, Momma. I get one sisser soon."
"When are you getting this sister?"
"Ness week, Momma. On Thursday."

Too funny! LOL

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Aileigh said...

Oh really? Is that how it works? LOL Silly girl! :)

Lauren said...

She's so darn cute!

3saints said...

That is hysterical....yah it was totally the bright... :)

Hmmm, I saw your title and thought oh hasn't been that long since we talked..??!! ;)

Love ya

McTriplet Mommy said...

Lorne always says, "When I get 100 (no idea - but everything is ALWAYS when he "gets 100"), I will have two brothers AND two sisters!"

Your title did have me wanting to read this entry! :)

Kelly said...

So Sisters come on Thursday now? Who knew. LOL

Denise said...

OMG...that makes me laugh out loud! Let me know how the sister gets here. :)

And yeah, it was the lights. :)

mytwolittlewonders said...

LOL! Anything you want to share???


The Reynolds said...

Oh that is too funny! Is there something you need to tell us?? LOL..