Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekend with my BFFs

First of all, I have the best hubby in the whole wide world. He never denies me when I ask to fly across states to go hang out with some of my bestest friends while he stays at home with the mutts...several times a year even. Round Eye, I love you to the moon and back!

Last Thursday, I hopped on a plane and flew to Kansas City to meet up with 5 awesome girlfriends for a weekend of talking, laughing, crying, drinking, eating, snorting, oinking... It was great fun despite the attempt on my life. LOL

My Twinnie made a midnight snack of Scotteroos. It was quite tasty, but after about 4 bites, I noticed that my throat was a little sore and felt a little swollen. My tonuge was a little numb and tingley as well. I thought nothing of it thinking that it was just the adult beverages getting to me. LOL Then I overheard the girls talking about salmonella in peanut butter...I put two and two together and asked if the Scotteroos had peanut butter in them. Unfortunately, they were laced with it. I'm highly allergic to peanuts, but I didn't panic which is a good thing. My face was getting more swollen but nothing like Hitch. LOL I think the girls were more worried than I was.

Dee gave me two Benadryl tablets and wanted me to drink some in liquid form as well. Twinnie called her father who is a pharmacist. McTriplet called her cousin who is a nurse. Twinnie's father said two Benadryl was plenty for my size and weight. McTriplet's cousin said to watch my breathing and call 911 if I stop breathing. LOL Next thing I know, I'm completely out while sitting on the couch. They watched me sleep, counted my respirations (preemie moms are experienced in this area) and pulse. After awhile, Twinnie woke me up and took me upstairs to bed. She slept in my bed with me and watched my breathing all night long. Awww...well, it's the least she could do since she made that attempt on my life. LOL

Besides that, the only worst part was not having Cookie Bean's mommy there with us. She's on bedrest in the hospital so that he can bake some more. We did have a poker tournament in honor of them both. It's a tradition that I hope we'll continue...especially since I have these girls addicting to poker like I am. LOL

Seriously, I had the best time ever! I love that I met these girls almost 3 years ago on the March of Dimes ShareYourStory website, and now we are all so close and are the best of friends. I can't wait for this summer! The whole phamily will be heading to Maine to vacation with K and her family.

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Denise said...

I love it! OMG I love it! Seriously - I am still having these moments when I laugh out loud - because I remember something from the weekend!

I can't wait for this summer...Maine won't know what hit it! :)


The Reynolds said...

Wow, I'm glad you came back alive! Sounds like you were gone living dangerously! I'm glad you had a great trip.

Lauren said...

LOL! This is so funny because on Tuesday I was running late and I grabbed all these Austin Crackers with peanut butter to eat. I was in such a hurry I didn't even try to grab the different flavors from the box.

The whole day while I was driving from appt to appt I was thinking how glad I was that I had bought these crackers and then grabbed them to eat otherwise I would have been starving!

So midway through the day and about 4 packages of crackers later I am sitting at my desk and get a call from a strange number.. I pick up...

"Hello- This is Costco letting you know of a recall on Austin Peanut Butter Crackers...." :O I was so shocked I snapped the phone shut and looked around... I was sure Costco had like eagle eye and was watching me!!

Anyway... no reaction I'm fine... Shonda... did you plant those at my house.....


mytwolittlewonders said...

Ah, I can't believe I almost knocked off my one and only Twinnie! What in the world would I do without you! I'm so sorry!!!

Next time I'll make you a can watch to make sure it is safe!

Love you! Maine sounds awesome!

Missy said...

You girls are too funny! It sounds like you all had a blast! I am glad you lived to tell us about it.