Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayers Needed for Little Samuel

There's a sweet little 2-year old boy that needs your thoughts and prayers. Sammy's mother, Missy, and I met through the March of Dimes Share Your Story NICU online community. It turned out that Missy and I are in the Houston area together. We have only met a couple of times since Sammy was always so sick to play. However, our connection and friendship has grown and grown through the support and love that we offer each other.

Today, I'm asking for all your prayers for little Sammy. He's been hospitalized on and off this entire year. He was admitted recently for a central line infection, however, through different courses of treatment, he was stable enough to come home for the holidays. He enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year with his family. Unfortunately, he was only home for 10 days.

Sammy is now back in the hospital with more complications. His little body just can't handle any more and now he's on the ECMO machine to help oxygenation his blood. He's stable right now after several touch and go episodes, but the doctors give him a very slim chance of survival.

I'm begging you all to pray. Please pray hard and often. I believe in the power of prayers. Please keep this little sweet boy in your daily prayers. Please pray for wisdom and courage for Sammy's team of doctors. Please pray for strength and courage for Missy and Ben. Please pray for comfort and rest for Sammy. Please just pray, pray, pray.

Also, if you can donate blood, plasma, platelets, please go to ANY donation center and donate to Samuel Knight and help the family through their voucher system.

You can read more about this incredible family at The Knight Family.

Thank you all. God bless you.

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mytwolittlewonders said...

Thinking, praying and hoping!!!