Thursday, January 15, 2009

First Ballet Class & Cookie Bean

The Pink Princess had her first ballet class this morning. Lucky for us, the local school of dance comes out to the preschool to provide 45 minutes of ballet and tap instruction. The owner of the dance studio is a former parent of mine. I taught her daughter in first grade in 1997...over a decade ago. Wow! Here's the Pink Princess in her cute leotard, tights and tap shoes. Isn't she just darling? I just can't believe my little girl is taking dance class.

Cookie Bean...he's still baking in his mother's womb right now, but he's having some deceleration episodes. Please keep him in your prayers. He's only 26 weeks old today. He's the son of a dear friend who I met online at the March of Dimes NICU community. Carissa's first son, Braden, was born at 30 weeks so, unfortunately, she knows all too well the difficulties of this rollercoaster ride. Braden "Miracle Monster" is indeed a miracle. We need another one for this family and Cookie Bean. Every day counts so please pray for more time in utero and that he continues to grow and thrive in his mother's womb... where he belongs.

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Kelly said...

How cute does Woogie look? Still saying prayers for Cookie and Carissa. See you soon. :D


Sandy Toes said...

So cute..I remember the first ballet sweet!
-sandy toe

Weerock said...

Oh my goodness - look at Woogie! I love it.

And my prayers are always with Carissa and Cookie Bean.


The Reynolds said...

I love it! She is too cute and made for dance:) Watch out... she's a future Texans Cheerleader!!