Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yes, It's Been THAT Long

It's been crazy the last few months. After returning from our great Midwest tour, it was time to head back to work. The Mickster was preparing for his first day of kindergarten while the Pink Princess was preparing for her first day of preschool. It was quite an emotional time for us all.

Then came Hurricane Ike. We evacuated to the Ft. Worth/Grand Praire area and visited with friends and phamily. Round Eye returned after 4 days while the kids and I stayed there for a total of 11 days. While we were away, Round Eye and the Pink Princess both celebrated birthdays. And while we enjoyed visiting with friends and phamily, we were itching to return home.

Upon driving back into town, the sea of blue tarped roofs took my breath away and made my heart ache for those with such damage. We were blessed that Ike just blew our fencing down but did no other damage. However, we returned just to be out of school for an additional week with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Stores were just slowing opening up. Electricity was just being restored. Debris and tree limbs were everywhere. Mosquitos were flying in by the truckload so we were forced to stay indoors.

Finally, some sense of normalcy was creeping back in. We all went back to work and school. However, the Pink Princess was not all so thrilled about it after being with mama for over 3 weeks 24/7. The evacuation threw her completely off her schedule and sleep pattern. Even now, we struggle with sleeping through the night while never before.

October found us entertaining some of my favorite girlfriends. They came in early to hang with us before heading to the March of Dimes Volunteer Leadership Conference held here in Houston with ShareUnion closing out their trip. We had a grand time! I just adore these girls!

We closed out the month of October with going on our first phamily trick-or-treating for Halloween. The Mickster was a believable dragon slayer while the Pink Princess looked dazzling in her Ariel costume.

And here we are in November, 4 months later. Round Eye and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary last week. I received a cool Nikon D80 while he enjoyed a boys' golf trip out of town with 10 other friends. I think I got the better deal. LOL

Here's my first attempt with the new camera and playing around with Photoshop...

Since I've missed out on so many pictures, this blog is no longer a P366. Oh well. I made it farther than I did last year, and not bad considering all the bumps in the road. :)

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Miracle Monster Mommy said...

Nice catch up :) Love the thanksgiving pic! You are going to put me out of business!!
Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you...I love all the pictures! That camera is amazing I bet!

katestclair my card yesterday! You guys are the bomb!