Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 4 - Fireworks and Good Friends

We spent the holiday weekend with good friends of ours. Their son Master D is one handsome fellow who the Mickster just adores and looks up to. Master D is just so good with him. It'll so sweet to hear him call the Mickster by his nickname BooBoo. ;) They get along great as well.

We ate, swam and played all day, and yes, even all night. Once the kids went down, which was really late, we stayed up and play Uno and Poker. Hmmm, not sure if those two card games are in the same league though. LOL It was great fun! I don't believe we made it to bed until 3AM

Here's a rare picture of the Pink Princess watching the fireworks with her daddy. She lasted all of 3 big bangs before heading inside to watch from the window afar. Here, the neighbor's little girl was just having a ball playing with the Pink Princess and Round Eye. Isn't that such a sweet picture of them hugging the big guy?

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