Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 7 - Golf Tourney, Family Time, Pink Princess's 1st Piano Recital Video

It's been ages since Round Eye and I played golf together let alone in a tournament together. We sent the Mickster to Round Eye's mom (hence the road trip from yesterday's post) while the Pink Princess spent the day with my awesome sister and her family.

This was our church tournament to raise money for micro-missions. Micro-missions are exactly like it sounds...a mini version of a mission trip but instead of heading out to a third world country and weeks at a time, it takes place during a Saturday and in organizations around the Houston area that need our banks, homeless shelters, hospitals, retirement homes, etc. Round Eye participated in a micro-mission a few weeks ago at a homeless men's drug rehabilitating facility sorting through donated clothes and shoes. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and looks forward to the next micro-mission's trip.

Here we are next to Round Eye's company sponsored signage.

After our golf tournament, which we both played pretty well considering it's been awhile since we swung a golf club, we went over to my middle sister's for a family dinner. My oldest sister, her husband, and their two grandsons came down from the Dallas area for the weekend so we got to catch up with them as well. Here's a rare moment...getting all my nieces, nephews, and grandnephews in one shot. This fuzzy photo was the best that I could do. :)

The evening ended with the my middle sister's children giving a family piano recital. It was great fun to have everyone sitting in the den as they each went one by one up to the baby grand and played their songs that won them each a state competition medal. However, the finale was none other than the Pink Princess herself. Keep in mind as you view this 44-second video that she has not had any formal lessons nor has she been to any recitals yet she learned how to end her performance with a the ending and see. What a ham! (Don't mind all the gibberish talking in the background.)

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karinco said...

(tossing roses on the stage)

That was wonderful Pink Princess! You are quite the entertainer!

Karen :)

McTriplet Mommy said...

Oh, I love it!! At Isaac and Lorne's school program this year neither of them sang a single word of their songs... but they sure had good bows at the end! :)


littlewonders said...

What a stage performer! I love it!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

This was too too cute! Loved it!