Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 10 - Rid'Em Cowboys, Sandy Play & Scrapbooking Marathon

The kids and I went to a friend's baby shower brunch at Lupe Tortilla in town. The restaurant has a few animal statues on their patio that was just so inviting for my mutts that they each had to try 'em out. The restaurant also has a sand pit out in front where the kids dug and played in between bites. Can you say grainy bites?

Then I rushed them home for a quick bath and nap so I could head out for 8 whole hours of nonstop scrapbooking fun. I managed to get a handful of pages completed. The best part was playing with a Cricut machine. Too totally cool! Gotta have me one!
edited: How funny that I put "Christmas 2008" on my page instead of "Christmas 2007"! Better go fix that, huh?

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Aileigh said...

One question.... How did you manage to get Christmas 2008 pictures already? Isn't it 7 months in the future? Just a thought! LOL!