Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 22 - Spicy, Delicious Goodness!

Every Tuesday Round Eye brings home about 5 pounds of yummy, spicy, delicious crawfish just for me. Not a single crawdad left hanging around. I could probably eat more, but I might just explode.

This particular Tuesday, the weather was beautiful. So while the boys did yardwork and the Pink Princess colored with chalk and blew bubbles, I sat out on the back patio and ate to my heart's content. Oh, I live for Tuesdays!

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karinco said...

Sorry but that just looks yucky to me. *Bleh*!! Can you tell I'm not much into crawdads?

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

oh gag. i'm with k-co. more for you, I guess. ;)

someone once told me they are only a gene away from being a cockroach and that was it for me.

glad you have something you love. and with all your allergies, I can't believe you can eat shellfish.

littlewonders said...

Oh Twinnie, I love you.......but how can you eat those things?