Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 12 - Welcome to Tex-iz!

Today, the phamily and I traveled to Waterwood to meet up with two great gals. Darcy, a city girl from the sticks that I met through an online NICU community 2 years ago, and the other being Jennefer, a fellow Texan, who I met through Darcy. I've been fortunate to have met the smart and witty, funny Darcy several times before yet this was my first time to met Jennefer. And let me tell you that she is more beautiful than in her blog picture...she's gorgeous and so sweet!

Thank you girls for entertaining my phamily and allowing us to crash your party. Thanks Jen for letting us kidnap Darcy for dinner as well. We so enjoyed ourselves...especially the fried foot long hot dog! yum!

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karinco said...

I'm so glad you got to hang out with the gals again. You so deserve it!!
I am not an anti-hotdog eatin gal. They're not my fav, but I do tend to indulge from time to time. But never in my life have I seen something so gross looking! Eeew! The thing was probably delicious. Just one of those items that looses it's appeal in the swimsuit competition if ya know what I mean! lol

karinco said...

Smudge? Is that you??? lol
(Sorry, I just couldn't resist after our recent conversation!)
what is it with you and the dog eating these days?!!! lol