Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 7 - She Sure Doesn't Act Sick

The Pink Princess has been running a low grade temperature for 2-3 days now along with a small amount of congestion and runny nose. I finally decided to take her into her pedi to have a look at her ears. (I was for sure it was another ear infection carried over from the last ear infection 3 weeks ago. First infection since ear tub surgery a year ago, and first one since her left tube fell out about a month ago. Track record...not so great.

Diagnosis: ear infection, RSV (thank goodness!) The Flu

Just lovely! That means she would have to miss that sweet ballet birthday party that we were so looking forward to attending. UGH! But the worst part is that she doesn't even act sick at all! Stinker!

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littlewonders said...

A sick girl who doesn't act sick, one with great shoe style, and you in a cowgirl outfit.........why do NONE of these surprise me?? Hehe! And I love the double decker train track! That must have taken some time!

Palma said...

Good words.