Saturday, February 2, 2008

February 2 - Spending the day with Mimi

We spent all day hanging out with Mimi at her house today. It was great fun! The kids did great during lunch. The Mickster ate like a champ while the Pink Princess nibbled on chicken and corn while playing with 2 balloons.

Round Eye helped Mimi with little stuff around the house, ie. rebolting the garage door, adding more rock salt to the water softener, taking the golf cart out for a maintenance ride, etc. He was quite handy...not that isn't always. LOL The kids played well and for the most part were quite well-behaved especially without their afternoon naps. They did crash as soon as we got in the car though.


Kel said...

Such a busy, busy day for the Pham. Don't you just love car naps, those are the best. Looks like the weather is nice there...

Alex & Adrian's mommy said...

So glad that LG & Mickey had a nice time & helped out alot. I am sure they were tired once they got home.

Love you


Alex & Adrian's Mommy