Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 19 - "Climb Aboard, Get Really to Explore..."

The Pink Princess adores "Little Einsteins". From the minute she wakes until right before bed, it's nonstop..."I wa eele einsein, peasss Ma?"

So tonight during one of my late night shopping excursions to Target for diapers and baby wipes, I came across this cute Little Einsteins shirt. I just had to buy it for my little princess. She's going to *heart* it so much!

And if you're not familiar with Little Einsteins, here's a clip for you...


Mommy to 4 Miracles said...

Ahh- we love Little Einsteins too...what a cute shirt- to go with a beautiful princess!


Anonymous said...

Lesley LOVES the Little Einsteins too! As soon as she sees/hears the music she starts patting her lap. Wal Mart has some of those cute tops too! :)


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

oh my, I have a little LE fan here, too.If only they made that in blue... sans ruffles. ;)