Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28 - Texas Temp

(Dodging snowballs from my girlfriends up north.)


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

You keep this up - I'm boycotting your blog 'til Spring! ;)

Carissa said...

Well 5 days ago I would have nailed you with the very hard ice covered snow ball :) But today we hit 51 degrees so I'm ok with it! Tomorrow...more snow and half of today's temp...a high of 26 so fun! I forget why I don't live in Texas!

Mommy to 4 Miracles said...

This cracks me up...that is your outside temp- which is the same as what I usually have my INSIDE temp set at.
You suck. :)


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Boy - the Iowa girls sure cracked down on you, didn't we??? ;)