Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hanging Out Analyzing Math Scores With A Few of My Fav Colleagues

My day was spent meeting with 4th grade teachers in the AM and 3rd grade teachers in the PM going over TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) data, scores and tutoring schedules with our district Math Achievement Specialist (in camel-colored jacket on left). The two 4th grade teachers (top picture) were so lucky endured my presence everyday for math co-teaching for the last two years. Bless their hearts they still let me near them. LOL This year I'm co-teaching with the cute, young (15 yrs my junior...YIKES!) teacher sitting across from me. She's due in May and will give her daughter Pink Princess' first name. Isn't that cool? 9/366


McTriplet Mommy said...

A friend from MOPS showed off her new baby today - her first name is Pink and her middle name is Princess! Well - not exactly - but you know what I mean. I thought it was adorable - though her daughter isn't half as cute as yours.

Kelly said...

Gotta love Pink's name, perfect. Looks like you all were very busy today...taking pictures and all at work.

girlyhurley said...

Love the working teacher pictures!!! Too cute!

Thanks for all your support and help! Maybe someday my site will be as cute as yours!!!


littlewonders said...

Looks like you are working hard!! Gotta love that name...I wanted it for Happy Pants.

Alex & Adrian's mommy said...

Love you & your phamily..not to mention your project & the great pictures. Way to go Titi.

We Love you

Alex, Adrian & Mommy