Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008: A Brand New Year

Starting off our new year with a drop in temperature...below freezing last night even here in Texas. Round Eye kicked my car out of the garage to make room for his potted plants. Here's the first of Project 365 366 (a year's worth of photos from the Phamily)... 1/366


Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

Yay! Looking forward to 366 days with your beautiful Phamily!

Mommy to 4 Miracles said...

I can't wait- I am SO glad you are doing this project with us :)


McTriplet Mommy said...

Yahoo!! How exciting! :) Can't wait to see all of those pictures of your cuties!


"Raising" is a Southern term. said...

Oh, Jac! I love it. Cannot wait to see 365 more. :)


Carissa said...

Yeah...I'm so happy the Phamily has know I'm going to keep you on it :)

Alex & Adrian's mommy said...

Happy New Year & I love you & your beautiful Phamily MUCHO. Way to go with your project. I always enjoy looking at pictures & reading your blogs when I get a chance. Thank you once again for the presents.


Alex & Adrian

karinco said...

Look at you girl!! Maybe you will inspire me to add another entry to my blog. I guess this is as good a place as any to post our P366 pics.

I love your pics. You always take such good ones I'm sure you will wind up with well over 366 at year's end.


Anonymous said...

Hey Billy "Round Eye" - when it's freezing, don't wear shorts!

Peace 2 U and your Phamily,